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UNIT I: (8 Hours)
Introduction to OB: The meaning of OB, Why study organizational behaviour, Fundamentals of individual behaviour. Determinants of Personality, types of personality, Personal effectiveness. Attitudes: Meaning, Types, Components, Theory of attitude formation and attitude change.

UNIT II: (8 Hours)
Foundation of Group Behaviour: Group: Meaning, types, group dynamics, group cohesiveness, Meaning of Interpersonal Behaviour& Interpersonal skills, Transactional Analysis, Johari Window, FIRO – B, MBTI

UNIT III: (8 Hours)
Motivation: Meaning & definition, Traditional theory of Motivation: Maslow’s, Herzberg’s, McClelland, Contemporary theories of Motivation: Self Determination Theory, Self Efficacy Theory, Vroom’s Expectancy Theory, Equity Theory, Reinforcement Theory, OB MOD.
Perception: Meaning, process, principles and errors of perception, managerial &behavioural applications of perception.

UNIT IV: (8 Hours)
Leadership: What is leadership, types of leaders and leadership styles, traits and qualities of effective leader, trait theory, LSM – Leadership Situational Model, Team Building, Tuckman Model of Team Development.

UNIT V: (4 Hours)
Organizational Change: Meaning of organizational change, approaches to managing organizational change, creating a culture for change, implementing the change, Kurt Lewin Model of change.