By Dr. Deepak Sharma
Assistant Professor


UNIT I: (6 Hours)
Essentials of HRM: Nature of HRM, Scope, functions and importance of HRM, HRM vs.HRD,
SHRM: Introduction, characteristics and scope of SHRM, SHRM vs. Conventional HRM, Barriers to
strategic HRM, Linking HR strategy with business strategy, HRM linkage with TQM & productivity.

UNIT II: (8 Hours)
Human Resource Planning and Employee Hiring : Nature of job Analysis, job design, Human
Resource Planning, Demand forecasting for manpower planning, HR supply forecasting, factors
influencing HRP, Employee hiring- Nature of Recruitment, Sources of recruitment, Employee
selection, process of employee selection, recent trends in recruitment.

UNIT III: (8 Hours)
Employee Training & Development: Nature and importance of Training, methods and types of
training, career planning, promotion, transfer, demotion and separation, Performance Appraisal:
Meaning and types of appraisal, Job Evaluation: Meaning and methods of job evaluation.

UNIT IV: (8 Hours)
Compensation Management and Employee Relations: Introduction to compensation management,
Components of employee and executive compensation, Factors affecting employee compensation,
Employee incentive schemes, and recent trends in compensations management. Meaning and nature
of employee relation and industrial relations.

UNIT V: (6 Hours)
Employee Safety/ Health and International Human Resource Management: Basics of ethics and
fair treatment at work, measures and policies for employee safety at work, basic principles governing
International Human Resource Management and the role of culture.

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