Industrial Sociology

By Varun Pundir Assistant Professor AKTU,Lucknow

Unit 1

Industrial Sociology: Nature, Scope and Importance of Industrial Sociology. Social Relations in Industry, Social Organisation in Industry- Bureaucracy, Scientific Management and Human Relations.

Unit 2

Rise and Development of Industry: Early Industrialism – Types of Productive Systems – The Manorial or Feudal system. The Guild system, The domestic or putting-out system, and the Factory system. Characteristics of the factory system. Causes and Consequences of industrialization. Obstacles to and Limitations of Industrialization.

Unit 3

Industrialization in India. Industrial Policy Resolutions – 1956.Science. Technology and Innovation Policy of India 2013.

Unit 4

Contemporary Issues: Grievances and Grievance handling Procedure. Industrial Disputes: causes, Strikes and Lockouts. Preventive Machinery of Industrial Disputes: Schemes of Workers Participation in Management- Works Committee, Collective Bargaining, Bi-partite & Tri-partite Agreement, Code of Discipline, Standing Orders. Labour courts & Industrial Tribunals

Unit 5

Visualizing the future: Models of industrialization- Collectivist, anarchist, free market, environmentalist, etc. Cultural issues, consumer society and sociological concerns.