Industrial Management

By Varun Pundir Assistant Professor AKTU,Lucknow

Unit 1

Introduction: Concept and scope of Industrial Management. Productivity: Definition, measurement, productivity index, types of production system, Industrial Ownership.

Unit 2

Functions of Management, Taylor’s Scientific Management Theory, Fayol’s Principles of Management, Social responsibilities of Management, Introduction to Human resources management: Nature of HRM, functions and importance of HRM.

Unit 3

Work Study: Introduction, definition, objectives, steps in work study, Method study: definition, objectives, steps of method study, Work Measurement: purpose, types of study — stop watch methods — steps — allowances — standard time calculations — work sampling, Production Planning and Control

Inventory Control: Inventory, Cost, Models of inventory control: EOQ, ABC, VED

Unit 4

Quality Control: statistical quality control, Control charts for variables and attributes, Acceptance Sampling- Single sampling- Double sampling plans, Introduction to TQM

Unit 5

Project Management: Project network analysis, CPM, PERT and Project crashing and resource Leveling