Introduction: Introduction and Web Development Strategies, History of Web and Internet, Protocols Governing Web, Writing Web Projects, Connecting to Internet, Introduction to Internet services and tools, Introduction to client-server computing. Core Java: Introduction, Operator, Data type, Variable, Arrays, Methods & Classes, Inheritance, Package and Interface, Exception Handling, Multithread programming, I/O, Java Applet, String handling, Event handling, Introduction to AWT, AWT controls, Layout managers
Web Page Designing: HTML: List, Table, Images, Frames, forms, CSS, Document type definition, XML: DTD, XML schemes, Object Models, presenting and using XML, Using XML Processors: DOM and SAX, Dynamic HTML

Scripting: Java script: Introduction, documents, forms, statements, functions, objects; introduction to AJAX, Networking : Internet Addressing, InetAddress, Factory Methods, Instance Methods, TCP/IP Client Sockets, URL, URL Connection, TCP/IP Server Sockets, Datagram.


 Enterprise Java Bean: Preparing a Class to be a JavaBeans, Creating a JavaBeans, JavaBeans Properties, Types of beans, Stateful Session bean, Stateless Session bean, Entity bean Java Database Connectivity (JDBC): Merging Data from Multiple Tables: Joining, Manipulating, Databases with JDBC, Prepared Statements, Transaction Processing, Stored Procedures.
unit V 

Servlets: Servlet Overview and Architecture, Interface Servlet and the Servlet Life Cycle, Handling HTTP get Requests, Handling HTTP post Requests, Redirecting Requests to Other Resources, Session Tracking, Cookies, Session Tracking with Http Session Java Server Pages (JSP): Introduction, Java Server Pages Overview, A First Java Server Page Example, Implicit Objects, Scripting, Standard Actions, Directives, Custom Tag Libraries..

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