unit I
Review of Software Engineering:
Overview of Software Evolution, SDLC, Testing Process, Terminologies in Testing: Error, Fault, Failure, Verification, Validation, Difference Between Verification and Validation, Test Cases, Testing Suite, Test ,Oracles, Impracticality of Testing All Data; Impracticality of Testing AllPaths.
Verification Methods, SRS Verification, Source Code Reviews, User Documentation Verification, Software, Project Audit, Tailoring Software Quality Assurance Program by Reviews, Walkthrough, Inspection and Configuration Audits.

unit II
Functional Testing:
Boundary Value Analysis, Equivalence Class Testing, Decision Table Based Testing, Cause Effect Graphing Technique.
Structural Testing:
Control Flow Testing, Path Testing, Independent Paths, Generation of Graph from Program, Identification of Independent Paths, Cyclomatic Complexity, Data Flow Testing, Mutation Testing

unit III
Regression Testing: What is Regression Testing? Regression Test cases selection, Reducing the number of test cases, Code coverage prioritization technique.
Reducing the number of test cases: Prioritization guidelines, Priority category, Scheme, Risk Analysis.

unit IV
Software Testing Activities: Levels of Testing, Debugging, Testing techniques and their applicability, Exploratory Testing
Automated Test Data Generation: Test Data, Approaches to test data generation, test data generation using genetic algorithm, Test Data Generation Tools, Software Testing Tools, and Software test Plan.

unit V Object Oriented Testing: Definition, Issues, Class Testing, Object Oriented Integration and System Testing.
Testing Web Applications: Web Testing, User Interface Testing, Usability Testing, Security Testing, Performance Testing, Database testing, Post Deployment Testing.

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