Unit – I
Introduction, issues in mobile computing, overview of wireless telephony: cellular concept, GSM: air-interface, channel structure, location management: HLR-VLR,
hierarchical, handoffs, channel allocation in cellular systems, CDMA, GPRS.
Unit – II
Wireless Networking, Wireless LAN Overview: MAC issues, IEEE 802.11, Blue Tooth, Wireless multiple access protocols, TCP over wireless, Wireless applications, data
broadcasting, Mobile IP, WAP: Architecture, protocol stack, application environment, applications.
Unit – III
Data management issues, data replication for mobile computers, adaptive clustering for mobile wireless networks, File system, Disconnected operations.

Unit – IV
Mobile Agents computing, security and fault tolerance, transaction processing in mobile computing environment.
Unit – V
Ad Hoc networks, localization, MAC issues, Routing protocols, global state routing (GSR), Destination sequenced distance vector routing (DSDV), Dynamic source routing
(DSR), Ad Hoc on demand distance vector routing (AODV), Temporary ordered routing algorithm (TORA), QoS in Ad Hoc Networks, applications.

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