Unit I
Introduction: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Foundations and History of Artificial Intelligence, Applications of Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Agents, Structure of Intelligent Agents. Computer vision, Natural Language Possessing.

Unit II
Introduction to Search : Searching for solutions, Uniformed search strategies, Informed search strategies, Local search algorithms and optimistic problems, Adversarial Search, Search for games, Alpha – Beta pruning

Unit III
Knowledge Representation & Reasoning: Propositional logic, Theory of first order logic, Inference in First order logic, Forward & Backward chaining, Resolution, Probabilistic reasoning, Utility theory, Hidden Markov Models (HMM), Bayesian Networks.

Unit  IV
Machine Learning : Supervised and unsupervised learning, Decision trees, Statistical learning models, Learning with complete data – Naive Bayes models, Learning with hidden data – EM algorithm, Reinforcement learning,

Unit V
Pattern Recognition : Introduction, Design principles of pattern recognition system, Statistical Pattern recognition, Parameter estimation methods – Principle Component Analysis (PCA) and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA), Classification Techniques – Nearest Neighbor (NN) Rule, Bayes Classifier, Support Vector Machine (SVM), K – means clustering.

Text books:
1. Stuart Russell, Peter Norvig, “Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach”, Pearson Education
2. Elaine Rich and Kevin Knight, “Artificial Intelligence”, McGraw-Hill
3. E Charniak and D McDermott, “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”, Pearson Education
4. Dan W. Patterson, “Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems”, Prentice Hall of India,

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