LEARNING NEVER STOPS It is dynamic and ongoing. Only the means of learning change. And always for the better.World-over, Education is fast changing the system of higher education as well as online training. Anyone can access the content from anywhere, in the world from different websites.Easy Notes is a one-stop destination for Engineering and Management students or faculties around the India, our aim is to create a platform where engineering and management students are able to get study resources according to AICTE curriculum .specially for the students of AKTU & Affiliated engineering colleges across the Uttar Pradesh and all over INDIA.

Education is the most essential need for society today, as education is cutting through the various layers of social structures, several gaps in education skew the playing field in favor of the privileged. e notes was conceived with the notion of filling in these gaps in education:

The gap between a child shouting answers from the front bench and a child sitting confused behind, the gap between a college with a multi-storey library and students who cannot even afford textbooks and the gap between a child who goes to school and a child who does not have a school miles and miles from his home.

e notes was conceived with the vision to overcome these obstacles by creating a global community of faculties and student to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and resources. also we provide education guidelines for the students who want to choose engineering as his career.

Our study Material and study resources is designed According to AKTU,Lucknow curriculum.


To bring together a community of intellectuals that engage in study, collaborate to create and share content to help Students to learn better.

Enabling people in the field of education to connect

Empower students to become world-class leaders and innovators for society and industry.

Enabling access to high-quality educational resources for the students.

Creating a support system to students of AKTU,Lucknow Affiliated engineering college for learning.